Exterior Painting Vancouver

With our residential exterior painting services we try hard to take the pain out of the guess work of having your home painted. We make certain of the quality of the products that we use, and the services we provide as we partner with reliable paint vendors. Our painters and staff have the skill and the know how to beautify the exterior of your home the way you've always dreamed.
Our professional painters have the required experience and skill to make the interior or exterior of your home look practically new and refreshing again. You can leave your home in our hands and not worry.
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When is it a good time to paint the exterior of my house painting Vancouver?

This is a very common question, and the answer is very simple, if your siding and frame are damaged by rain and weather elements, we suggest that you paint the exterior of your house.

Water and dampness can work their way into the house, with nasty results and the situation only gets worse through years of rain. Keep in mind that painting the exterior of your home will not only improve its appearance, but will protect it from rough weather for years to come.

When painting the exterior of your home, proper preparation is the most important thing in protecting and guaranteeing a longer life for your house or outside painting. At Cyrus Painting we pride ourselves in providing you with high quality paint projects thorough prep work.

Here's a step by step rundown of our procedures for painting exteriors:

  1. Pressure washing
  2. After the exterior has dried, we scrape and remove loose paint, fill holes or cracks with exterior spackle, as well as caulk any spot that could let water run into the frame of the house
  3. Covering back yard, garden and deck, so they won't be sprayed on
  4. Applying a prime for scraped area
  5. Two finish coats
  6. Two finish coats on trim and fascia board
  7. Checking with the customer and make sure he or she is happy and making any final changes and touch-ups the customer requests
  8. Clean up

Our painters are always available to listen to ensure meeting our customers' needs. At Cyrus painting we don't just offer a final consultation, we make sure you’ll be satisfied every step of the way.
Good surface preparation is the first step to durable and long-lasting results and a reputable contractor can help you make sure it is done right. The second step is to use a high quality materials, since different surfaces require different levels of preparations and materials.  It is important to discuss your home improvement project or commercial project with a professional contractor who has expertise in proper surface preparation and is knowledgeable about a wide variety of products and materials.

Deck and Patio Painting Vancouver

Deck and patio surfaces are under constant exposure to the elements (sun, rain, wind, snow); as a result, your deck patio can easily rot if you don't take proper steps to thoroughly clean them. We'll give them an attractive, natural look and make it last a lot longer.

Happy Paintings!