Interior Painting Vancouver

We provide professional interior painting. Our painting contractors are skilled painters who are trained to make sure that all the challenges surrounding your project are met properly and thoroughly the FIRST time with zero damage to any of your belongings.

To prevent damage to your house and belongings, before we begin painting, all furniture’s are covered and any hindrances properly removed from the work area to make facilitate safety. No rookie mistakes are tolerated within our work space! You'll find everything put back properly in its original place and condition. Communication between you and our painting team is essential. We always encourage clients' input and we're happy to listen to your suggestions to help us meet your specifications. We are always happy to make any changes you need.

Painters Vancouver step-by-step list of procedures for painting interior walls and ceilings:

  1. Color match
  2. All furniture moved and covered to prevent possible damage from paint
  3. Cracks and holes in walls are filled; drywall is repaired, caulked.
  4. Prime coat is applied (if applicable)
  5. Two finish coats are applied
  6. All dirt and debris thoroughly removed from walls and baseboards
  7. Checking with the customer to ensure satisfaction. Making any final changes and touch-ups if necessary
  8. Clean up

Good surface preparation is the first step to durable and long-lasting results and a reputable contractor can help you make sure it is done right. The second step is to use a high quality materials, since different surfaces require different levels of preparations and materials.  It is important to discuss your home improvement project or commercial project with a professional contractor who has expertise in proper surface preparation and is knowledgeable about a wide variety of products and materials.

Our painters are always available to lend an ear to meet our customers' needs. Read references about Cyrus Painting.

At Cyrus Painting, we don't just offer a final consultation - we want you to be satisfied every step of the way.