Painting Tips - From Professional Painters Vancouver

Painting is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your home. A shabby home will look clean and new after being painted. Keeping a home painted also increases the life span of the wood siding. If wood is left unpainted it can deteriorate in the sun, rain and wind.

Painting Tips From Painters Vancouver

The first step in painting the outside of your home is preparing the walls. Trim back all bushes and plants that are touching the walls or getting in the way.

Remove all window shutters, hardware, and light fixtures.

Clean the walls by using a high pressure, as it will remove most of the peeling paint. Spray under the eaves and down the wall getting rid of all dirt, spider webs and debris.

Go over every wall and repair cracks in plaster or wood. Scrape off old peeling paint with a putty knife or sander on all wood trim or siding. Look for rotten wood and insect damage and repair with patching material.

Scrape off old putty around wood window and re-caulk them.

A good idea is to always paint on the shaded side of the house.

It is also best to paint the walls and then the trim, doors and shutters.

Lay plastic over any plants or objects. Large pieces of cardboard work really well for ground covering on patios and driveways.

We have seen many projects go wrong, and then the home owner calls us to fix the mess. This doesn't need to happen. Learn all the tips and tricks from start to finish. Do it right the first time and have many years to enjoy your home.

We can repair any cracks or holes by using plaster and fix hair line cracks or small holes. At Cyrus Painting, we cover any furniture with plastic drops or cloths or old sheets as well as the floor to avoid ruining upholstery or having to do a lot of cleaning.

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